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Doctor's Desk

Apply for the program

Fill out a brief form to help us get to know you and provide the best match

Get assigned to a mentor

Schedule 3 virtual or in person meetings with your mentor

Form a lasting and meaningful connection with a mentor

Explore potential research or in-person shadowing opportunities

Anatomy of the PULSE program

First Meeting:

  • Get acquainted with your mentor, discussing their field, career progression, and medical training.

  • Engage in conversations about relevant topics and current issues in their field.

  • Choose a specific topic to explore further.

Second Meeting:

  • Conduct research and read about the chosen topic.

  • Prepare to present your findings in a relaxed and comfortable learning environment.

  • Benefit mutually from this enriching experience with your matched physician mentor.

Third Meeting:

  • Schedule a final meeting to wrap up previous discussions and address any remaining questions.

  • Explore potential networks, further topics of interest, and other aspects you wish to delve into.


  • Maintain a valuable connection with your mentor beyond the formal program.

  • Seek their professional advice and explore future opportunities for research or shadowing experiences.


PULSE timeline

Timeline for PULSE applications and matches 

We are now having one cycle per year!


PULSE 2025 Cycle

  • Applications open December 2024

  • Cycle begins February 2025

*Exact dates are subject to change

PULSE timeline
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