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Gain a meaningful medical experience beyond the pandemic

Chart & Stethoscope

As fellow students, we understand how drastic our learning experiences have changed throughout the past year. 

Because of the pandemic, shadowing doctors or gaining medical experience has become more difficult.

We want to create a virtual experience for you that will allow you to continue learning about the medical field and gain meaningful opportunities and connections.

We have an established network of licensed physicians. Our program is designed to allow you to form a relationship with a physician in your field of interest and maintain this connection through virtual interactions.

Not only will you be able to learn about their career and life, you will have the opportunity to inquire about future opportunities.

PULSE program

After you apply, if selected, you will be matched with a physician mentor. Once paired, you are invited to virtually meet twice, with an optional third meeting. PULSE is designed to help you on your journey in medicine. At the heart of the program lies a positive mutual learning environment for both you and your physician mentor. 

What does PULSE stand for?

Physicians Unite to Lead Student Experiences

Pulse provides a potentially long-lasting mentorship and exploration of your interests relevant to the physician’s expertise. Participants gain medical knowledge in a field of medicine and possible research opportunities with a dedicated, licensed physician.

Anatomy of the PULSE program

A brief overview of the structure of your meetings

​First meeting:

  • Get to know your mentor by coming prepared with questions about their field, career progression, medical training and more. End the meeting by discussing a few relevant topics and current issues in their field. Come to a conclusion and choose one topic.

Second meeting: 

  • Research and read about your chosen topic to discuss with your mentor. Prepare to discuss and present your findings in a casual, comfortable learning environment. This is a mutually beneficial experience for you and your matched physician mentor. 

Optional Third meeting:

  • If your mentor has availability, plan for a final time to meet to wrap up your previous discussion and follow up with any more questions you may have. Discuss possible networks, topics to learn, and anything else you didn’t get to. 


  • It is a great idea to maintain your new connection with your mentor. Follow up with them occasionally, ask them for professional advice, and maybe learn about future opportunities to work with them on research or shadow them.


PULSE timeline

Timeline for PULSE applications and matches 

PULSE has cycles of matches throughout the year.​

PULSE Winter 2023 Cycle

  • Applications Live Nov 20th

  • Applications close January 15th 2023

  • Matches sent beginning of Febuary 2023


*Exact dates are subject to change

PULSE timeline
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