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We want YOU to join our team!

Open Roles Posted Below

We are a team of college students looking to expand the PULSE team to have an even greater impact and reach on college students and new grads all across the country. Our goal is connecting pre-med students and physicians to help students gain medical experience and inspire our next generation of physicians.  



Our mission is to commit to building and expanding the PULSE network of physicians to give students an opportunity to gain medical experience given the constraints of the Pandemic.


We want our team to be a diverse, cohesive group of students passionate about building communities and excited to make an impact on other student's lives.



Media Team

Maintain and lead our social media accounts

Work on advertising campaigns and updates

Design content to post and flyers for emails

We are looking for a student who is passionate about design and marketing

Outreach Team

Help reach out and recruit physicians from hospitals around the country


Assist with emails and communications


Build out physician network


We are looking for a student who is excited to connect with professionals and is highly organized.

Tech Team

Experience in (or interested in learning) building web application 


You are proficient in at least one of these: SQL, Python, Databases


Assist with maintaining database 


Work on building technological structure for our program

Eligible students must be enrolled in at a university in the United States

Click here to apply for Media or Outreach role

Click here to apply for the Tech role

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