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Are you a student interested in exploring the medical field and gaining new and meaningful experiences?

Are you experienced some trouble accessing clinical opportunities?

Are you enjoying learning and getting real life experience in the medical field?

Are you an 18+ pre-med student in the US?


If so you are encouraged to apply to PULSE!! 


Please reach out (form below) with any questions. 

Reasons To Apply

1-on-1 mentorship and shadowing means personalized and professional experience to advance your future medical career.

Explore different specialities and become inspired and excited to see where you may fit in one day as a doctor!

PULSE students gain worldwide exposure to a multi-talented, diverse physician community, helping students pursue medical professions.

PULSE is the place for students like you to secure mentorship and an innovative shadowing experience 

Gain conversational and presentational skills and form connections that will set you apart from other students. 



Doctor's Visit

Prior to acceptance

- 18 years old

- Residing in the United States

- Studying or considering the medical track

Once admitted into PULSE

- 3, 45-minute meetings with your mentor

- Engage in discussions and shadowing

- Explore current research in your field

- Build connections with your physician

What Happens If I Am Not Immediately Matched!

Our matching process happens every 2-3 months. If you apply and are not immediately matched with a mentor, you will remain on our list of students interested. We encourage you to re-apply in a few months and will have priority for receiving a match. 

You will be added to our mailing list and be updated in terms of re-applying and other important events through PULSE that you are eligible for such as panels or physician Q&A's.


Questions about being part of the cycle?

Thank you!

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