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Have you encountered barriers to medical education as a undergrad student?

Currently on a pre-med track?

Wanting to gain exposure in the medical field?

Have an interest in medical research?

Exploring career paths?

Gain a 1-on-1 virtual, medical experience through PULSE, a Physician Student Mentorship Program


Program Details

Physicians Unite to Lead Student Experiences

Establish A Relationship. Learn Together. Build Your Future.

Doctor's Desk

Apply for the program

Fill out a brief form to help us get to know you and provide the best match

Get assigned to a mentor

Schedule 2 virtual meetings with your mentor

Form a lasting and meaningful connection with a mentor

Explore potential research or in-person shadowing opportunities

How it Works

PULSE is a non-profit, national organization aimed at reshaping clinical experience for pre-med undergraduates throughout the pandemic and beyond!

How It Works

  • Apply for the next cycle

  • Get matched with a physician mentor

  • Research and read about a topic you both choose

  • Present and discuss the topic with your mentor in a casual setting

  • Learn about different fields in Medicine, career choices, and life styles

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