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Have you faced systemic barriers to medical education?
Together, we can make medical education more accessible and inclusive for all students.

Currently on a pre-med track?

Wanting to gain exposure in the medical field?

Have an interest in medical research?

Exploring career paths?

Gain a 1-on-1 medical experience through PULSE, a Physician Student Mentorship Program

How it Works

PULSE is on a mission to create opportunities for pre-med undergraduates. Our commitment to empowering students from diverse backgrounds means breaking down barriers to accessing medical education and experiences.

With a focus on inclusivity, we are dedicated to creating a transformative impact in the lives of aspiring medical professionals. Through our mentorship program, we connect students with dedicated physicians, offering equal opportunities to thrive in their pursuit of a medical career.​​

We have an established network of licensed physicians. Our program is designed to allow you to form a relationship with a physician in your field of interest and maintain this connection through virtual interactions. 

Not only will you be able to learn about their career and life, you will have the opportunity to develop a mini research project with them as well.

Program Details

Physicians Unite to Lead Student Experiences

Establish A Relationship. Learn Together. Build Your Future.


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